View fire weather & fire potential for wildfires across the nation.

WildfireSAFE was designed to increase firefighter & fire manager situation awareness and enhance risk mitigation planning in wildland fire operations. It supports the greater interagency fire community in the planning, response, and recovery phases of wildfire management. By integrating with federal incident management systems, Wildfire SAFE applications provide an intuitive way of viewing WFAS data for specific incidents across the Nation.

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WildfireSAFE has been designed to work on mobile and desktop devices giving users access to critical fire weather information while in the office, on-scene and in the field. Users must register to obtain an account and access the applications. Registration is free and available to all.



WildfireSAFE provides simplified access to an advanced suite of fire weather and fire products

The Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) is a USDA Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management-supported system that was developed by Forest Service fire behavior researchers as an avenue to increase the utility of remote sensing and spatial data in fire management. It is an integrated, web-based resource to support fire management decisions. It provides multi-temporal and multi-spatial views of fire weather and fire potential, including fuel moistures and fire danger classes from the US National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS), Keetch-Byram and Palmer drought indices, lower atmospheric stability and satellite-derived vegetation conditions. It also provides access to fire potential forecasts from 24 hours to 7 days.

Wildfire SAFE integrates WFAS with federal agency incidents to provide targeted fire weather information on an incident basis.

To learn more about the Wildland Fire Assessment System, please visit the WFAS website.

WFAS Website
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Designed to Support Incident Level Analysis

Wildfire SAFE is designed to be used by various internal and external customers of the USDA-FS including private industry, local and state firefighting organizations and the general public. It provides a suite of capabilities that seamlessly integrate WFAS products with incidents to derive specific outputs for those incidents. Incidents are updated dynamically as they change in federal systems.

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Incident Level Fire Weather Analysis

WFAS outputs are summarized for each incident. You can select a GACC, FMU, dispatch center or State to view active incidents, and then retrieve the analysis of WFAS data for any incident. The analysis is updated regularly as new WFAS data is refreshed.

Incident Comparison Dashboard

Since WFAS outputs are analyzed for each incident you can also view a dashboard that compares all active incidents in your area of interest. This is also updated regularly as WFAS data is refreshed.

Wildfire devices

Wildfire devices

Analysis of Fuels, Terrain & Values at Risk

Each incident is also analyzed automatically for the fuels, terrain conditions and values-at-risk in the area surrounding the incident. This is done for each WFAS time period.

Capture Field Fire Behavior Observations

Tools are provided to facilitate observations about the fire behavior seen for an incident. Users can capture their observations and see how these compare to the WFAS outputs for that time.

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